• Professional optical 
Soft ray of light keep eyes free from fatigue 
• Super big area of lighting 
Enough area of山umination keep eyes away from the exc1tat1on by strong contrast of light and shade 
• Sensitive touch dimmer 
Ad Justing the ray of light at your own sweet will 
• Convenient 
USB charge port brings convenience to your phone 
• Flicker free and uniform light output 
Protect Your Eyesight & For maximum visual comforts 
• Dimmable -3-level touch dimmer 
Ad1usting the brightness by touch, 10%/ 40%/100% 
• Portable -More convenient 
Flexible The angle can be changed by your heart, it is easy to use 
• Charging-Very easy 
Micro USB 2.0, the battery capacity reached SOOmAh 

- Tune light intensity to suit your environment or the time of day
- Stress free ambient light for working, studying or relaxing
- Light where you need it

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